To start….

This project is settled inside the Program for Active Citizenship, promoted by the organization eea grants (more information in this document).

Why is the project needed?

Discrimination of women and domestic violence continue to be a reality in our societies and need to be studied. Domestic violence is present throughout the life of women across all cultures and ethnic groups, classes and religions.

Today, violence against women is discredited and viewed as a social problem but much remains to be done. Domestic violence also needs to be construed as a violation of women’s rights.

Civil society’s awareness has been raised. The next step is social advocacy and mobilisation to demand changes in the institutions. Third sector organizations must create networks and alliances to encourage and mobilise citizens to defend women’s rights.

What is the objective of the project?

To promote social mobilisation in favour of women’s rights and influence political institutions via a statewide network created by third sector groups.

What is the project expected to achieve?

This project is expected to create a statewide network composed of social groups and develop an agenda to defend women’s rights, denounce and eradicate domestic violence and mobilize society.

How will the project address these challenges?

Meetings will be held between various entities in each autonomous community where the project is developed (Basque Country, Madrid, Andalusia and Catalonia). The purpose of the meetings is to make a diagnosis of the reality of each Autonomous Community with regard to the situation of macho violence in different spheres of women’s lives, and the strategies that social movements, the third sector, institutions and academia are putting into place to combat that violence and defend women’s rights.

Subsequently, we will hold a 5th meeting where the conclusions of the preliminary work will be used to elaborate a manifesto on women’s rights and the eradication of domestic violence in the web and common agenda for social mobilisation. More groups will be invited to join the network.

At the same time, there will be a social mobilisation to create an impact on public institutions.

Who is expected to benefit?

The beneficiaries of this project are mainly people involved in third sector groups (with whom we will create the network) and personalities from the public institutions who receive the demands.

Anyone who takes part in the social mobilisations will benefit. The citizens who learn about the mobilisations will also benefit indirectly because even if they are not mobilised, they will think about the political demands they will make.

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